Success and Other Misnomers

I believe there are other ways of doing things in this life. Ways to be happy that probably don’t come anywhere close to the conventional definition of “success.” I’m tired of the way things are. I’m tired of being worried about money and things I own. I’m tired of trying to define myself within the confines of social media and the expectations of others. I’m tired of having to justify my decisions to satisfy the irrelevant opinions of people who only call me ‘friend’ in name alone. I’m tired of meaningless relationships and empty communication. I’m tired of manufactured crises and self-inflicted stress over issues of arbitrary importance.

I’m not interested in your opinion. This is the only life I have. Let me live it. You should have your hands full minding your own. If you don’t, then you have bigger problems than this issues of mine with which you so desperately feel the need to concern yourself.


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