To Do List

All this goddamn noise.

Need to get up and get to work.
Need to work out.
Need to stop being late.
Need to finish cleaning up all my messes in the house.
Need to talk more about my feelings.
Need to stop being so weird.
Need to smile more and talk to people more.
Need to stop being so quiet and shy.
Need to get better at playing.
Need to practice more.
Need to write more.
Need to make time for people.
Need to be a better partner to John.
Need to get better at conversations.
Need to be more confident.
Need to make a change in my life.
Need to get comfortable with life.
Need to figure out what’s wrong with my libido.
Need to get over it.
Need to let go.
Need to stop drinking so much.
Need to get comfortable being around people.
Need to get better at being onstage.
Need to be friendlier.
Need to make more friends.
Need to connect with people.
Need to cut ties.
Need to forget.
Need to figure out why my memory is so bad.

Need space.
Need quiet.
Need time.
Need nothing.
Need calm.
Need nature.

Need to stop feeling guilt.

Need to live.
Need to learn more.
Need to stop fearing time.
Need to stop procrastinating.

Need to stop having expectations.

Need to define myself.
Need to make an independent impression.

Need to take more control of my life.
Need to stop being afraid.
Need to stop worrying.

Need to cry.
Need to stop crying.
Need to feel something.

Need to do something that matters.

Need to figure out what matters.


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